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Protecting Your Brand From Expensive Legal Problems

Full Brand Audits

Ensure your owned brand profiles are free from music copyright issues with our historical check.

We check all the way back to day 1 of your social media posts and provide an easy to action report.

Influencer Audits

Working with Influencers on collabs? You are liable for the content they post, so if an influencer chooses a copyrighted song your brand could be at risk.

We provide a report with all the potential violations to allow you to quickly liaise with influencers to remove the posts.

Copyright Monitoring

Regular monitoring of your brand profiles and influencer collabs across all your social profiles to ensure you are compliant. 

Many brands working regularly with influencers will engage with weekly and monthly checks.

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Brand Audit

As a first step all our clients complete a brand audit to ensure all their channels are clean from any potential copyright violations. This process simply involves sharing all the brand handles to our team and then taking action on the report we generate to remove the offending posts.

Most brands save on average 4 months of work and $13M in potential damages. 

Average time to complete: 7 Days

Influencer Audit

With so many brands now using influencers to share information about their products this has become a huge risk, with most recently Ofra Cosmetics case involving influencer posts.

Depending on the marketing strategy for your brand, this risk can be very high if you have a lot of collaborations. 

Average time to complete: 4 Days


To ensure your brand is staying compliant across all profiles we recommend to ensure ongoing monitoring. Depending on the frequency of your posts and the number of profiles/regions checks should be weekly or monthly.

If you’re a brand that relies heavily on influencer marketing we strongly recommend weekly monitoring to ensure that the posts do not contain any violations, particularly as you don’t have control over these channels.